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Serie of four episodes each 25'; a total of 100’; Betacam Sp 16:9.

The film shows the people, history and art of the typical Venetian lagoon, built on five small islands, not far from Venice.

Particular attention is paid to the production of artistic glass, which began here in the thirteenth century.

In glass furnaces are the masters in action, which transforms the glass into works that only those who live in the lagoon of Venice can be created. Art and nature of the beings and the salvation of Murano glass.

It highlights the continued research and imagination of shapes and colors.

Follow furnaces in various processing techniques, some of which (such as loops) are at risk.

The regatta of Murano, with the best representatives of the Venetian rowing to see, is an important opportunity for the community of the island.

Content of the film

First episode

• Arrive in Murano

• The glassworks Signoretto Pino, the number one master and several types of marine animals and clowns

• Amber Hauch from the United States creates a mask

• construction work in grinding, a very important work and little known second series


Second episode

• The engraver Louis Camozzo at work: different techniques applied to plates, glasses, glass bricks to build

• Venetian gondola ride on the race and asymmetric pupparini traditional flat-bottomed boats, 4 races restricted to boats with a paddle, with the style of the Venetian rowing. Categories: boys, women and events. All inhabitants of the island are allowed to participate.

• Pictures of Murano

• Round-trip by boat at night in Venice


Third episode

• Travel in the oven Formia, specializes in the design objects by famous designers. 70 skilled workers create work there including some qualified teachers, fish, horses and harnesses

• Travel glassware CAM specializes in creating and installing chandeliers in Venice model, the birth of a vase with the technique of murrina

• Visit the oven "La Murrina" and presentation, as the authors of the glass rods, which are broken into small cylinders multicolored mosaics, out of which the processing of murrine and delicate.

Fourth episode

• the imaginative artistic technique "light" Lucio Bubacco working with small slices of human figures that are exported and are proudly displayed in private and public exhibitions around the world

• Visit the glass factory, which produces Signoretto Venetian-style chandelier.



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