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Series with three episodes: two of 25 'and 30',
a total of 80 '; Betacam SP 16:9

The film shows the people and the history of the center of the typical Venetian lagoon.

Burano is built on four islands, nine kilometers from Venice.

Here are made technical and artistic manifacture of the lace (merletto) the activity began in the sixteenth century.

For the historical part, we have recorded the most important works in the Museum of Merletto (Lace).

There are different activities and recreation opportunities for people of Burano, for example, the bingo women on the squares, boating and carnival preparation.

The House of Burano is then very famous for its colorful colors, tourists and lovers of photography from around the world are attracts into them.


Content of the film

First Episode - 25 '

• Presentation of the island
• museum and school of lace - merletto with lace makers at work
• lace makers at work on the calli
• Rowing Association "Voga e para" on-shore activities, and on gondola during the Historical Regatta

Second Episode - 25 '

• Children playing in the calli
• Bingo for women to Campiello
• Painters and Painting Exhibition
• Carnival, the pancakes, the masks, the gondolas in the canals at night
• colorful houses
• the new districts
• the numbering of calli and squares
• Monuments

Third Episode - 30 '

• the characteristic roof dormers
• Bridges
• Burano with ahigh water penetrates into the island
• the characteristic Venetian chimneys
• Flowers
• Fisheries
• Places of worship, construction, night, reflections on the water fountain, coat of arms
• Burano in advertising
• Graphics of Burano



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