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Serie of four episodes each of 25'; a total of 100’.
Betacam 16:9


The film shows the picturesque "Little Venice" in its various aspects: historical, artistic, cultural and architectural island in the far south of the Laguna Veneta.

The important thing is the importance of its fleet - the first in Europe - giving rise to a thriving fish market, which reaches throughout Italy, shellfish farming, agriculture, crafts, marinas, historical events and regattas.

Chioggia and Isola Verde is the right place for the lovers of the sea, but above the beach, by the extreme fineness of the sand.

The local cuisine and traditional events, such as "Festa del Pesce," the flotilla of "Vele al Terzo" and "Palio della Marciliana" showing a historical and rare face of the city.

The images of the "Mostra della Pesca" offer visitors a look at the technique of fishermen to gather various types of fish in waters with boats and nets of various forms.

The sport is represented by Formula 2 racing boat.


Content of the film

First episode

• the boundaries of the lagoon and the area of Chioggia
• The fishing nets, boats and the testimony of the fishermen
• the fish market and the various proposals

Second episode

• boats from Chioggia
• the race of the "Vela al Terzo", with the traditional boats with colorful sails
• The "Palio della Marciliana" with: old professions, the fight with sticks, the regatta "scaule", the fool, bread and pasta from Chioggia
• The "Torneo degli Arcadori"
• The "lordatura" illegal importer of salt

Third episode

• the national races in the Formula 2 racing boat
• the "Festa del Pesce" with the traditional activities of fishing
• Lunch for fishermen
• the departure of a "Bragozzo" for a fishing trip
• Tips Chioggia
• the food stand and social recovery
• The sunset over the lagoon

Fourth episode

• Re-enactment of the Battle of between Genoa and Chioggia in 1300
• beach of Chioggia and Isola Verde
• The dam, harbors, locks, ships, Venetian rowing
• Access to Chioggia
• flora and fauna, gardens, historic sites
• Places of worship
• "Murazzi" of the Serenissima Republic of Venice



Documentary Films made by Belle Ιpoque Film - Biasioli Film





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