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Serie with two episodes each 25'; a total of 50’; Betacam SP 16:9.

Pellestrina is the island of the Lagoon of Venice mark drawn by the presence of "Murazzi", the impressive sea defenses in Istria stone, built by the Venetian Republic in 1700.

The film focuses on the various aspects of social, economic and historical long natural island, protected, thanks to Laguna Veneta against the Adriatic Sea.

We focused mainly on the architecture of the colorful houses (with characteristic skylights), fishing and farming of fish from the valley, typical of this island, surrounded by shallow waters.

A chapter is devoted to the tip, old activity of the women in Pellestrina, and the oasis of wild animals Caroman.


Content of the film

first episode

• Arrival on the island
• The artists of the traditional peak Pellestrina (other than those of Burano and Chioggia) to work with "Balon and coils"
• Beach Caroman; of World War II bunkers and protected oasis of vegetation flora and fauna.
• The dam of the port of Chioggia and the wild beach
• the characteristic chimneys Pellestrina
• dusk and at night boarding for Chioggia

second episode

• "Murazzi", the impressive sea defenses against the fury of the waves, which were built by the Venetian Republic in 1700
• Places of worship
• The dormers and the wells
• The Regatta "Vele al Terzo" Chioggia-Venice, past Pellestrina marked with traditional lagoon boats with colorful sails
• Houses Pellestrina
• The fishing nets, and "casoni", typical of lagoon
• Waterways



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