Colli Euganei

Euganean Hills

History, Nature, News

Serie with three episodes: two of 25' and 30’; a total of 80’; Betacam SP 16:9.

The film describes the Euganean hills, which are located in the Po Valley, approximately ten miles from Padua.

The first episode examines the growth of the mountains, according to the geological epochs, with the aid of sketches, drawings and images of the museums.

Get a seamless succession of beautiful pictures during the four seasons Value: flora, fauna, rivers, waterfalls.

The work of the man of the hills is analyzed from the perspective of agriculture, trade, industry and mining, we also report on the production of DOC wines of increasing quality progressive.

To mention are the recreational, sports (mountain biking, golf, hiking and climbing) and religious activities, with the creation of hermitages, monasteries, convents and places of worship, that we rarely find in other places of Italy.

From an artistic standpoint, we focus on the architectural characteristics of thecountries, social housing, villas, gardens and monasteries.


Content of the film

First episode - 25 '

• The origin of the hills, with images from the Museum of Cava Bomba
• the hills that rise from the fog
• water, waterfalls, canals, lakes
• waterways and Bisatto battle with "Burci
• From the hills to Venice along the waterway
• Vines and vineyards, from pruning to harvest
• Vo 'Euganeo "Wine Festival"
• Our Lady of the Mountain: The Church of St. Anthony Abbot and
Indian figs (opuntia ficus-indica)

Second episode - 25 '

• Monselice: the carousel of Quintana
• trachyte quarries and the restoration of environmental damage
• Cinto Euganeo: the furnace limestone quarry Bomb
• Battaglia: Castle Catajo
• The Villa Beatrice d'Este and the medieval banquet
• Mountain Bike Race "Transeuganea"

Third episode - 30 '

• Arquΰ: Jujube's Day with parade and exhibition of medieval
• the hills at night
• Montecchia the Villa Emo and the castle Capodilista
• The Maroon, the ways
• Tramonte: Villa Rosa
• Places of worship
• A look at the flowers, including orchids and Ruta Patavina
• Monselice: The Tower and the Keep
• Valsanzibio: the Villa Barbarigo and the labyrinth




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