The history of Gondola

and the venetian rowing

Four episodes each 25'; a total of 100’, 16:9 Betacam Sp

Driven by the elegance of the Venetian rowing goes the gondola with a rich history through the channels of Venice.

No tourist is able to dispense with the charm of a turn in the Grand Canal and the Bridge of Sighs aboard the famous boat, the symbol of Venice.

The film shows the history of the gondola, derived from books, paintings, drawings and photographs.

A large part is devoted to the construction of the gondola to the old traditions of boat builders in the dry docks of Tramontin and Crea.

We also analyze other aspects related to the cable, such as: the manufacture of the rudder and the crutch, the Historical Regatta, the sailing of Venetian rowing.


Content of the film

first episode

• Start of gondola’s construction at the boatyard
s of Tramontin and Crea

• Carnival of Venice and dedication of the monument dedicated to Casanova

• Evening procession of gondolas and traditional boats, during Carnival, the Grand Canal of Venice and Burano

• historical account of the gondola with the aid of diagrams and drawings


second episode

• Historic Regatta (Regata Storica) in Venice with water parade and the four races

• The second part of the construction of the gondola and lift at the Tramontin boatyard

third episode

• The third part of the construction of the gondola, hot bending the cable, with the fire of reeds, depending on the weight of the gondolier at the shipyard Tramontin

• Construction of the cone, and the express image of his interchange

fourth episode

• The construction of the rudder

• regatta of gondolas on the "Naviglio del Brenta", the ideal continuation of the Grand Canal on land, famous for villas "patrizie"

• representation of various ornaments and carvings of ancient and current cable

• The Port of gondolas

• The gondola of the King

• High water and evolution of the gondoliers under bridges

• Asymmetry of the gondola

• the final touches to the gondola

• The regatta of traditional boats and gondolas in Murano


The film was shot in 2000 and has historic value because some jobs do not do anymore because there are no more artisans or are prohibited, such as folding tables with the fire of reeds.



Photo Gallery and captions



 Start of gondola’s construction at the boatyard of Tramontin




Hot bending of the gondola, with the fire of reeds, depending
on the weight of the gondolier, at the Tramontin boatyard



Launching of a gondola at the Tramontin boatyard





Pictures taken by Titian Biasioli - Copyright 2011
All rights reserved – Reproduction prohibited



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